KT Building Consultancy (KTBC) provides professional services to property owners and occupiers to help them maximise the value of their built environment, both in fiscal terms through prudent asset management strategies and in day to day operational value through practical design to suit current and potential future use.


KTBC is run by Keith Tickner, a Chartered Building Surveyor with 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. He has managed a wide range of projects within both the public and private sectors with contract values from $5k to $25m. Before starting his own practice he led the Building Surveying team of one of NZ's foremost multi-disciplinary building consultancies, winning the RICS "Building Surveying Team of the Year" awards in 2015 and 2016.

Keith Tickner BSc (Hons) MRICS


KTBC can help with the feasibility, design and specification, consenting (Resource Consent / Building Consent), procurement and project management of all property related matters along with providing strategic asset management advice, maintenance planning and assisting in Landlord and Tenant related matters.


The property needs of schools are constantly evolving to accommodate changes in pedagogy, roll, legislation and the changing priorities of Boards of Trustees. With a wealth of experience working both for the Ministry of Education and for schools / B.O.T.s directly, KTBC can undertake condition assessments and enter the survey findings to the Ministry’s WebFM database and develop 10 Year Maintenance Plans demonstrating how schools will spend their 5YA funding over the current and following cycles. KTBC can also design, specify, obtain consent, procure and project manage any construction or maintenance works.

Every Body Corporate needs to have a Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP) setting out the maintenance requirements for the property for the next 10 years to comply with the Unit Titles Act 2010 and to help ensure the Body Corp members budget for future maintenance expenditure so the building can be properly maintained. KTBC can undertake a detailed survey of the property and develop a LTMP in accordance with the Act; providing easy to read, practical advice on the future maintenance liabilities and attend meetings with the Body Corp members to ensure they understand the Plan and the potential risks if it isn’t followed. If required, KTBC can also help procure and project manage the repairs and maintenance works identified in the plan.

Acting with independence and impartiality from all of the property industry agents, KTBC can provide professional services to both landlords or tenants to help them maximise the gains and / or minimise their liabilities from their property assets. The services include rentable area measures, schedules of condition to record any pre-existing damage to protect parties against damage potentially caused during adjacent or nearby construction work, Premises Condition Reports and the procurement and management of make good / reinstatement works at the end of the lease.

Using experience gained throughout the 2000's, providing strategic asset management advice to state housing providers (Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Registered Social Landlords, Arm’s Length Management Organisations etc) in London and Kent, and having worked on numerous projects nationwide for Housing New Zealand since 2011, KTBC can support Community Housing providers with strategic asset management advice from “cradle to grave”. KTBC can assist with design reviews of proposed developments, identifying opportunities to reduce future maintenance liabilities and improve safety through design, provide independent quality control support during the construction phase, and provide advice on maintenance requirements and the procurement and delivery of maintenance works to existing assets. KTBC can also undertake independent inspection, investigation and reporting on defects or maintenance issues reported by tenants.



Darrel Goosen – Principal, Matakana School

Matakana School recently completed its latest 10 Year Property Plan. On this occasion the Board made use of Keith Tickner to manage the process. In the past, this has usually been a frustrating and complicated task. Keith made the process so much simpler for us this time. His keen attention to detail, quick communication and overall grasp of our needs was impressive. Keith kept everyone - Property Manager, Principal, School Board and Ministry of Education - very well informed and ensured that deadlines were met and supporting documentation submitted on time.

It is not often that I am able to express complete satisfaction in professional services delivered by consultants but in this case, I am pleased to be able to do so. I would not hesitate in recommending Keith Tickner to any organisation wanting to make use of his specialist professional services.

Mort Howard-Willis – Contracts Manager, Focus Construction Group

Keith, I have been very impressed with your support, friendliness, co-operation and responsiveness. We worked together on a very difficult project and I’m sure that other companies could learn a lot from you.

Fiona Shannon – Complexes Project Manager, Housing New Zealand

HNZ engaged HJ to provide a suite of condition surveys for the larger buildings in our portfolio, nationally. Keith project managed this programme of work and was our direct contact. He worked hard to understand our business and his approach was always pragmatic, thorough and efficient. Keith’s wealth of experience internationally, was key in helping us tighten up our brief to ensure we got the right outcomes to take forward. HNZ would recommend Keith to any prospective client.

Denis Kinraid – Case Manager, Ministry of Education (Building Improvement)

I've had the pleasure or working with Keith in his role as project manager on various Ministry of Education remediation projects. Keith's professionalism and his attention to detail were key attributes that lead to the smooth running of all the projects that we worked on together. I would have no hesitation in recommending Keith's professional services for any similar project.

Noelle Fletcher – Principal, Te Atatu Intermediate

We used Keith Tickner to formulate our new 10 year property plan. It is a huge task and one that needs close attention to detail, many meticulous and complex calculations and endless paperwork. We found Keith was such a worker, he was patient in the constant demands for changes and need for more information and he was really wonderful to work with.


KTBC is located north of Auckland on the Hibiscus Coast.

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